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  Wilson Sporting goods  Mostly hand guns 

Call us 618 544 3700 with questions.  I have the lists for Colts, Browning, smith & wesson , & Ruger.  We also have  Winchester, UZI, BAUER, and some others,  Most all our Firearms were manufactured between 1970 and 1985.  I will add them as I get them ready.  

 We  have some sets of guns in consecutive numbers, if it is listed in  yellow it has a mate, purple are commemorative guns, blue well there is  something different,(maybe it is desirable to you maybe not.)  We are  now listing all the guns in our collections. I have the S&W's  updated will work on Colts next. If you call and want a gun we will put  it on hold for 1 week while you get your Dealer/FFL & money order to  us, when we receive the money it will be deleted from the list. All  guns are new in original box, not touched or played with, except where  noted.  I will check the guns before they are shipped to you, if there  are any problems I will contact you and refund your money. 

I retain the right to change my prices as I wish, however, I won't raise a price on a gun you have on hold. 

Shipping  is $40.00 on 1 gun each additional is $25.00 per gun, sorry I had to  change the shipping prices, the $20 just wasn't making it on the second  gun.

This is something that I hoped I never  would have to do, but due to recent experience, it must be added. The  guns we have came to us from gun distributors who got them from the  manufactures, these are new in the box guns, however, these are  production guns, not custom gun shop guns.  So from this point forward,  we retain the right to charge up to 10% re stocking fee.  We can’t in  good faith tell anyone that these guns are new in the box and untouched  when they have been shipped to another dealer, then to the purchaser,  and handled, then back to us.  Just like grandma used to say one bad  apple spoils the whole bunch.

Why are we selling these guns?

My husband and I have bought, sold, and collected guns since the 70's.  We are Old now, we are not going to live forever, we have 2 sons who like guns.  some one of a kind that can't be cut into.  I have no desire for a gun fight.  And on the selfish side we need the income for retirement.  The guns have been one of the best investments we have made.


Call if you want to talk 618 544 3700

Now that is an invitation to the good ole boys and girls, However if you are a scam artist get lost you only need the business end of the guns.

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